Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Happiness Project

No matter how great the number of people in the world is, how busy the streets are and how many traffic jams in every corner that you’ll see,
at the end of the day you’ll see yourself at a corner of your bed living all alone--- waiting for a moment of happiness to come your way.

 We all get lonely at times and that’s part of being human. Where sometimes we would wish that people would understand or they’ll care for us and love us where saying you’re okay even if you’re not becomes the greatest collection of your lies and the worst thing is trying to be something that you’re not believing that you’ll be happier upon doing so, that believing being in a relationship could make you happy and as a result leads you to self-destruction and extreme sadness.

Believing that you can be happy and allowing yourself to be one is the key to a happy life.

So here’s my tips on how to be happy:

1.) Accept who you are.

You should learn to accept who you are. Your strengths and assets---what you love about yourself and what other people find something nice/adorable about you--- there will always be one for sure. Also, point out your flaws and insecurities develop them or enhance if something is lacking no matter what result may come, embrace them for they made you who you are. You may not appreciate it now but there will come a time that you’ll be very thankful for those more than anything that you’d ever had.

2.) Decide to be happy

Every morning convince yourself that you are happy. Face in front of the mirror say that you’re pretty and imagine happy things. Swear you’ll see your face glowing and smiling.

3.) Appreciate every little joys that this life would offer.

Make a joyful jar or thank you list on the things that made you smile at the moment. It may not be the greatest things that you receive, it could be the moment that you woke up in the morning, having a nice dream, a complete eight hours of sleep, the air you breathe and even opening a jar in your kitchen. Say a little thank you and see the wonderful effects as a result throughout your day. Always keep in mind that little things can make a big difference.

4.) Do what you love
If you want to play tennis, a guitar, make an origami or paint something and have been hesitant upon doing so, now is the time to try! It’s now or never. Always remember that being young and capable will not last forever. If you want something go and get it na na na na.

5.) Spread some kindness.

If you have the power to make someone happy, do it! The world needs more of that. It may be listening for your friend while talking or sharing something, being there for someone in need for a companion or donating a peso on a charity box. Some people can be saved because of that.

6.) Exercise

Your body needs a lot more of stretching and sweating to get rid of those bad vibes and bad fats too. More so, you could be lean and fit. Boosting more confidence for yourself!

7.) Eat a healthy diet

It doesn’t mean you skip meals or be a vegan. It’s about eating a balance diet.  Going back to the basics during our kindergarten where our teachers repeatedly reminds us of our go, grow and glow foods or the food pyramid.

8.) PRAY!

There is always this kind of happiness that only God can give. You could feel it more when you’re in a deep prayer with him in silence creating a peaceful atmosphere in your mind and your spirit. Whatever happens good or bad just pray, talk to Him and trust Him. He knows everything and His timing is always perfect! :D

Hope it helped! :D

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