Friday, August 1, 2014

Pretty Little Blue

Flowers, dress and heels. So girly!
Wearing a royal blue dress in a cute fairy dream full of mysterious trees. These are one of every girls dream. But seriously, every girl could feel some girly vibes sometimes even the boyish ones will always have a heart for cute stuffs coz these are what we're made for. To be cute not daring. Haha! 

I am wearing a light blue flower crown on my head to blend with my royal blue dress and I guess white heels and silver small jewelries would be a great combination to emphasize the color of the dress and create harmony together with a cottony soft texture. 

I also love the combination of the dress that I'm wearing with the background. I mean blue and green could be a great combination plus a genuine smile and an adorable puppy beside you (mine is Max) that would be the very best! :D

Dress: Cotton On
Heels: Parisian
Flower crown

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