Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lazy Cloud

Hooray for a cloudy kind of day plus tadaaaaa sem break! Yippee! No assignments, quizzes, and projects to pass and most of all no early morning alarms. Bwahaha. Happiness!

But wait,
it’s hot! I mean everyone loves a cloudy weather but with a bliss of cold air.
So this kind of weather usually triggers the laziness in you creating a little lazy cloud above your head (just like in the cartoons) making you crave for more food and just stay in your room eating ice cream and chips paired with a very cold drink watching TV with a full blast aircon or a fan.

After being sluggishly wasting my time in my room and having this lazy cloud above my head, I decided to go out and start being productive. Even if it’s Sem Break already and you could sleep all you want or eat all you can and stay at home. Still, it’s better to seize your day and start being productive even if it’s late. Whatever the reason may be, it’s always best to do something useful rather than lying all day long.

Still having this laziness in me, I decided to wear my navy blue reversible short and paired it with a plain white shirt and a cute blue flats---- totally lazy with a touch of comfort! Haha! :) 

Just realized that almost everything that I used for my outfit today I bought it from SM department store. That store almost always got what I need. 

Shirt- Old
Shoes- Parisian 
Shorts- Petrol
Sunglasses- Mocha 

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Enjoy! :)


  1. Hello ervie! I'm a huge fan! Looking forward to more posts from you! :)