Saturday, October 18, 2014

Morning Swim

 Oh hello there from my quirky early morning feet selfie! (wink wink--- toes) 

 So I woke up early in the morning and aside from going back to sleep I decided to have a dip in the pool . What I love swimming early in the morning is that you've got the pool all by yourself, enjoying the silence and peacefulness of the morning only hearing the wind blowing softly, the gentle brushing of the leaves  and the bird's early morning chirp without any noise coming from any human beings! (A very peaceful world indeed! bwahaha) A great way to escape from the busy world we're in and swimming a few lapses, you can substitute it into your morning run/cardio plus your knees would really thank you for that because of the lesser friction that it gives than when you're exercising on the ground.

 Whenever I went out swimming on the beach or in the pool and how much the water is pulling me into with the greatest intensity coming from the nature, I never ever forget applying some sunblock on my skin most especially now that I realized how important it is and upon maintaining a happy and healthy skin. More so, that I could consume the whole day even during noon time, swimming without even a care in the world (I just love the water that much! haha) 

There were also some old pictures of mine that I was really sun baked and sunburn----super sunburned actually and my skin was like of a roasted chicken or turkey---- and it's a natural thing to me those days. Also, that during those times, I don't put some sunblock hating the way how lotion sticks into my skin and the greasiness that it gives most especially when you're underwater. It's just simply sticky and uncomfortable. Good thing I found this Beach Hut clear spray sunblock which gives me a better, easier and even application of sunblock on my skin with just a simple spray. And oh! I really love the scent of this sunblock, it's like wearing a perfume while swimming! There were also plenty of stuffs to choose from with this brand for they have some for kids, hair and scalp, for the face, and for longer exposure in the sun. 

Have a Happy Swim everyone!

Sunblock---- Beach Hut It's a must try!! :D


  1. Which brand of sunblock will I choose?


    1. Hi Roy I would recommend Beach Hut! You can buy it in watsons :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you evette! Have a great day! gotta go shopping for a while. hahahha