Tuesday, August 5, 2014

GuiGui Grill

Hello Korean restaurant! So recently I've found out
about this cute Korean restaurant filled with gold exhaust pipes at the ceiling named GuiGui Grill. It is located in Bajada, Davao City at the back of Chowking Bajada fronting Victoria Plaza Mall.

They serve authentic korean grilled foods suited for your korean tongue. The best part is that they grilled it right infront of you and you could see your food cooking which is more exciting when you're hungry! Nom Nom. And oh! Don't worry about the smoke for they have that golden exhaust pipe. Haha! Though the price is quite expensive for some meals but if you've got 250php in you're pocket you're good to go for they serve a meal good for 2 people.

I would suggest you'd go there with your friends, family or special someone who loves to eat grilled korean foods (galbi for me! Haha!) to feel the korean vibes! Then after eating, there is a small korean mart beside it and I would suggest that you try their korean ice creams that are many to choose from with different packaging and unique forms! Haha. That would be a pleasant experience so enjoy! :)

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