Monday, August 18, 2014

Short Tall

Rock a sunny day in a jumper shorts way! It's been eleven years
since the last time I wore a jumper shorts (childhood days! Haha) thinking I would look funny and childish---blah blah. Those times when you're acting like a grown up even though you're not. 😅 we've all undergone that stage right? --oh teenage years! haha.

This time I stepped out of the usual and wear the apparel I fear the most--- the Jumper shorts! 

Never thought it would be so fulfilling more than the way that I love it! Haha. 

Aside from being nice and comfy I decided to pair it with a royal blue 3/4 sleeve shirt to make it a little bit conservative and a blue & gray sneakers for a total comfort! 😄 No wonder I love wearing a jumper shorts when I was younger. Hihi. 

Doing the jump shot with my sissy. Love our hair! We look like lions here! Hahaha. 

Quirkiness overload!!! And We feel like dancing and taking selfies! Mehehe!

And here's the after effects!! Well hello there sleeping photo bomber! Hahahaha. 😘❤️🐶

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