Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Halloween is coming!

Yeah! Scary costumes, scary pranks and most of all trick or treats! These things are virally available only during Halloween season.

It was reminded to me earlier as I entered
 our laboratory room and was curious how my classmates are really busy putting make ups on some while others are watching and chatting etc. i was really amazed seeing their very artistic side and how they are so "gahot" on every little things. (Clap clap!) Their make up and artsy stuffs looks so real and fleshy like a rotted unhealed wounds! Gross! Haha!

Personally, I really don't like zombies and demons. I got scared just by watching films about them (which I avoid) and all the creepiness that they do. Most especially zombies! Ugh! gross! Can't even sleep at night after watching those stuffs that is why I had the time to update my blog early in the morning 'coz I didn't sleep last nught or shall I say "I can't sleep the whole night" haha! 

Oh well, here's some trying to be scared face for all of you! Just focus on the zombies na lang! Hahaha. Zombie morning! :D

Shirt- kyrlessshop
Pants- reborn