Monday, September 22, 2014

Doggie Post!

Good morning! I'm starting my day looking at these
cute little puppies in their cute little pose with their cute little outfit and a cute little bubble! Hahaha. Cuteness overload indeed. 

I am a dog person and I really love dogs whatever breed they may be. May it be big, medium or small dogs. 

Them being adorable, friendly and hairy catches my heart. Also, when you dress them up (lapdogs) you'll see how cutie patootie the'll look like and when you see that they also love it when you put clothes on them, its just awwee :D 

Just like this one. His name is max. My little bubble. So this is the first time I put a shirt on him and look at his smile, his eyes were gone and you could definitely see that he's so happy about his new shirt. Well, he's a feeling human kind of dog pala. Hahaha. :D 

I don't know but by looking at these little creatures makes me happy. Much more when I'm playing with them, I am the happiest. They could lift my spirit up in an instant, through their little joy making me realize that happiness is within me and Being thankful for having a cute little pet valuing my existence even when no one else does. Just always prepare and give them food. Hahaha. 

They would always be there for you asking for food and toys. BWAHAHAHA! >:)

Got inspired by these super cute puppy pictures from We Heart It


  1. Very cute doggies! Do you have one yourself? The one with the bow looks so lovely, wish I had one.

    1. hi ryoko293 thanks for leaving a comment :) yes I have. his name is max. the one wearing a blue tee. do you have a dog too? :)