Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lazy Healthy Breakfast

So I woke up in the morning feeling like eating something healthy for breakfast.------ Just kidding! haha! In my dreams
but it reality:

It's just the fact that I was too lazy cooking rice or whatever meal this morning and I don't feel like eating one too. So, for a quick solution just to fill my stomach and satisfy my taste (been craving for something sweet and light)-----I boiled some eggs and ripe banana which is so good to pair with (swear!)  and could be easily cook in just a couple of minutes!! tadaaaa!!

Opening my fridge, I saw something orange (papaya specifically) and  feel like eating one too!! So the color got my appetite back!! haha. Scooped it and put it in a bowl and topped with grapes for design and to counteract the taste!! which I love the most!! Well these two fruits are my top 1 & 2 on the list of my favorite fruits actually which are the BOMB!! hahaha.

So there I was, enjoying my great healthy breakfast as a result of laziness! hahaha. I really loved it by the way! Have a great day! :)

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