Thursday, July 24, 2014

A place full of panda

Wanna be surrounded by cute black and white creatures? Well this is the place
where you want to go. Darcy's Place is located at Sobrecary, Davao City. A small place where all your hunger for cuteness overload. 

Aside from those adorable pandas surrounding you, you could also write your emotions, feedbacks, love, names, drawings, pictures etc. and stick it to their wall. Also, there were books(fiction and best seller books) on their shelves which you could read on while staying on their place with free wifi. 

It would be best when you're with your friends and love ones to be in a happy place like this. Their food and drinks (i like their wintermelon milk tea) are also available in a happy price for it is affordable as low as 80php. So see you there with my panda eyes. :)

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